Is The Use of CBD Safe?

CBD is literarily everywhere. There’s nothing quite like this compound which has exploded into the health community, making its way into supplements, beauty products, and topical creams. Even drinks and snacks have not escaped the ever-widening reach of Cannabidiol, and this overgrowing popularity begs the question; Is CBD safe? Frankly, as a product which has…

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Hustle Harvesting – Join The CBD Gold Rush

Remember when your boss was the only individual with the flex-time to work from home? Crazy right? Flexible schedules for you, as a “worker-bee” in the traditional workforce just didn’t make a lot of sense. Plus, big-time residual income – and a huge one at that – was reserved for the “Heavy-hitters,” rockstars if you…

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HempWorx – A “No B.S.” Review: Is This Biz Just Another Pyramid Scam?

What’s going on, good Facebook Friends and Family. It’s JL back at you with a review on the CBD markets. Listen if you like what you read, please “Like” and “Share.” I’d certainly appreciate it! OK, by now, you’ve probably read that weed is a $1 billion industry. It’s more than just “lighting” it up,…

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