Freedom: An Entrepreneur’s Primary Motivation

What do you think? Is the title for this post right or wrong? But, before you respond, I just want to say, “Thanks” for stopping by. Hey, if you find this post of value please share it with your fellow business builders. I’d really appreciate it. So, here’s my thoughts on the above. And nope,…

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The HempWorx Apocalypse – This Zomie Got Moves

I’m glad you didn’t do it…you know, follow the herd.   No, my fellow marketer, you chose to rise above the din of the brainless hordes and chose this life affirming chance to learn about “HempWorx” and start to use it like your own personal baseball bat with a big freaking railroad spike in it – and start swinging it…

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Want Real Wealth? Make Deals!

That’s right. JL here, and yes, I said it….It’s time to stop fooling around with your financial goals and get to work. Real talk?… The big money comes from making the big deals, “Power Moves,” if you will. Sorry, If I seem to come off a bit hard in this post, but I simply want…

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