Want Real Wealth? Make Deals!

That’s right. JL here, and yes, I said it….It’s time to stop fooling around with your financial goals and get to work. Real talk?… The big money comes from making the big deals, “Power Moves,” if you will. Sorry, If I seem to come off a bit hard in this post, but I simply want…

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Are You Committing These Three Big Mistakes As An Online Marketer?

Alright, good people, it’s your man, “JL” back on the blog scene, and yes, its been a while since I posted a blog article. I hope that this info finds you and your family well if you’ve taken the time out of your busy schedule to chill with me and read what I have to…

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Think Money Is The Solution- It Could Become A Big Problem For You

What’s good, my people? Did the title get your attention? Good….I hoped so.   I know you’ve probably heard and even read these old sayings before…”If I could just hit the lotto, then all my problems would just go away.” What about this one…”Man, if I just made more money all the inner pain and strife…

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