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Good people, JL here, again with a new post on how to generate more leads and sales by simply incorporating a minor change to your current marketing strategy – by replacing features with benefits.

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So, lets get into…. listing features of what it is you’re promoting on your landing page seems logical. Obviously, you want to inform potential prospects of why your company’s product or service are so amazing and why your prospects need them in their lives, right?

Indeed, but there is a much more effective approach that’s more likely to engage your prospects, and that involves replacing feature information with benefits.    

For example, if you’re promoting a travel campaign like BookVIP.com, you may decide to list the following features of the service on your landing page:

  • Great deals on flights
  • Over 150,000 destinations
  • Large selection of places to stay (hotels, apartments, luxury resorts, etc.)

The issue with this approach is there’s a disconnect between the information and the user. You’re leaving your prospects out of the equation by not explaining to them what they’ll gain/who they can become by booking their vacation through Bookvip.com

Instead of explaining the specific features, try communicating the actual benefits of those features.

For the three we listed above, you can easily evolve them into this:

  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Save On Average 83% On Amazing Vacation Destinations
  • Discover Our Most Popular Vacation Package Deals

These have a greater chance of triggering an emotional response from the user which is the key to copy that generates conversions.

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