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Is it truewhat they say? “Scared money don’t make none?” What do you think?

Real talk….

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Because if we are talking about professionals and professionalism, I’d guess will have a few scaredy-cat professionals out there and I’m assuming they aren’t very successful or effective.

Could be wrong, but don’t think so. 

What’s your thoughts on this? Some of you are like ” He or she would get walked all over like a rug if they worked with my employer with their scary a$%^es!”

Well…I’m sure they would….check out Morgan Freeman’s take on courage….

Courage is a habit or at least it should be. Especially if you’re in network marketing because it truly involves the practice of keeping cool and steady while facing some crazy freakin’ challenges on a regular, you know what I mean?

Hell, truth be told, I couldn’t have been, Brother Nelson Mandela, rest in peace, who I felt truly personified courage. MLK, also, for sure. Madela spent 27 years in prison fighting for a cause he believed in. He once said, “It’s in stepping forward and pretending to be brave that we become courageous.”

Brothers and Sisters of Blogdom, that’s some “Heavy” stuff at its rare essence. Yes, it is…. If you want to truly lead the way as a professional, even if it involves a growth-model like network marketing, this awesome perspective on courage could translate nicely into a willingness to break life-draining patterns or habits of though and action. 

So, let me ask you this simple question, “How do you move forward in the ugly face of fear?” Honestly…..Nike got it right…”Just Do It.”

Just pretend you have that level of courage and march on. “Fake it to you make it”. You’ve heard and probably used this old saying in the past..

It’s all good. Listen, contrary to popular belief, courage is really not the absence of fear; rather, it’s the willingness to move forward in the face of fear and not let it stop you from doing what needs to be done. This is your confidence builder, right here.


You just need to do enough and form up the habit. This is why I love professionals who step forward and make moves outside their comfort zones.

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