HempWorx – A “No B.S.” Review: Is This Biz Just Another Pyramid Scam?

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OK, by now, you’ve probably read that weed is a $1 billion industry. It’s more than just “lighting” it up, if you know what I mean….

The buds, seeds, stems and stalks are all used for organic body care, health foods, and other nutraceuticals. There are a lot of companies in this space making a great deal of money selling hemp-based products. Some are good and others are “Great.”

One company that’s killing the markets selling CBD is a company called Hempworx. You are probably already aware of this and it’s more-than-likely why you’ve been searching through several Hempworx Reviews.

But, the real question is this… “Can you really make money selling HempWorx products?”

Let’s dig deeper into this review and see if this company is really worth your time and money.

What is HempWorx and Who’s Steering The CBD Ship?

Hempworx.com was founded in 2014 by Josh and Jenna Zwagil. I used to work with Josh when he was quite younger in the D.C. Metro area in another business opportunity a while back and he was just as impressive then as he is now. Jenna happens to be the # 1 Female Earner in the MLM space earning $1M+ monthly.

These two run HempWorx, an MLM company that sells high-grade hemp-based supplements, oils and operate within the CBD and health and wellness niche. Their product line is available in all 50 states across the U.S.

The HempWorx Product Line – You Be The Judge

They sell a wide variety of hemp and CBD products which they allege can relieve pain, renew stem cells, and improve your overall health.

Here’s a list of some of the company’s notable products:

  • CBD Oil – pure CBD oil for relieving pain, reducing anxiety, and added focus
  • CBD Cream – anti-aging cream to reduce wrinkles and lines
  • Hempworx for Pets – helps improve your pet’s immune system
  • Revive Cream – CBD collagen cream to moisturize your skin at a deeper level
  • Hempworx Relief – cream for relaxing aching muscles

Getting Paid – The HempWorx Commission Plan

Me personally, I feel that Hempworx, like most MLMs, has a complex commission plan. But, I’ll do my best to try to break down the comp plan in a more simplistic way, cool?

Alright, from what I’ve read, there are multiple ways a Hempworx Affliate can earn money in this business. For the most part, commissions are typically earned according to how much Business Volume (BV) you’ve earned.

Retail Customer Commissions

This commission is paid weekly. Affiliates get products at wholesale pricing which is up to 25% off. So, at this level when you sell a product, you’ll earn the difference between the wholesale price and retail price. Now, to actually qualify, distributors must purchase one of the starter packs and earn 40 BV points. Some may find this part a bit much, but it’s actually a normal business model in the products-driven MLM space.

Jump Start Bonuses

This commission is paid weekly and goes 10 levels deep. Again, there is a potential payout of 85% commission on Business Volume (BV). To qualify you need to buy a starter pack and get at least 40 BV per month.

Binary Team Commissions

This commission is paid monthly. Affiliates can earn up to 20% commissions, but to qualify, you must have achieved at least 40 BV in personal sales and 300 BV in your pay leg.

If this complicated compensation plans confuses you, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there is a small marketing tweak that you can add to your Hempworx marketing efforts that will help you 10x your lead and sales generation, separate you from the competition, and make your prospects choose you rendering this complicated comp plan inconsequential

How Much “Pocket Money” Will It Cost To become A Distributor?

Well, at the time of writing this review, It’ll cost you an up-front fee of $20 bucks to become an Hempworx Affiliate, but you’ll be required to purchase a product package. Now, depending on which product line you want to focus on promoting, the packages can range anywhere from $59 all the way up to $599.

Now, I’ll admit…. Hempworx is far from cheap, but when you can build a CBD business with this low-cost overhead, you have to admit, it’s cheap as F&*(*(….

Now, If you don’t like the idea of investing any money to make money, you may want to consider marketing Cost-Per-Action sites like MaxBounty.com which allows you to make money online without spending a dime.

How Much Money Can You Make “Flipping” Hemp Products With This Company?

Hempworx touts having one of the most aggressive affiliate programs with up to an 85% commission payout in the MLM space. Depending on your rank, the company alleges that you can earn from $500 up to $1 million per month. I would say, the “more you hussle, the more the moola..” That’s with any business opportunity, you just need to be smart about it…

Any HempWorx Complaints Floating Out There?

You’re probably saying….finally, here’s the section of this review where I can decide to stay or run for the F%^&* hills… People want to know if this company has verifiable complaints!

Cool, let’s get into it…are there any “red flags” uncovered that reveals if Hempworx is really worth your time, energy, and most importantly…..money.

Misleading Income Representation

Brace yourself…Hempworx states that YOU can earn up to seven figures per month depending on your rank. But if you look on page 12 of their terms and conditions, they do say that any earnings reflected on their website is for demo purposes only and does not mean squat in terms of earning commissions.

Hey, it’s the typical disclaimer…most legit companies say this, if they are smart…at the end of the day, you must put in the work and you’ll get the rewards. I personally know individuals making six-figure incomes working this business, but they aren’t average that’s for sure.

No BBB listing

Alright, you know who you are…for those of you who must know what the status is about Hempworx and reseaching their standings by the Better Business Bureau, you may not be very happy to learn that they’ve had a few complaints with the BBB listing in the past, but most have been resolved and closed.

Not much on Hempworx, itself. My Daily Choice (MDC) received the “Lions share” of complaints, and of course, MDC is the parent company.

Overpriced products

This is not unusal, like most MLMs, to include Hempworx, companies like this normally charge higher prices for products which you can find at cheaper prices somewhere else. This company is no different. For instance, a 750 mg bottle of hemp oil will cost $69.99, not including shipping. Customers can just buy this directly from Amazon.com which will cost a lot less in terms of cost.

But beware of the quality and compliance when it comes to putting this product in your body. Yes, overpriced products are going to make selling very difficult for distributors. But, if it works, sometime the added expense is worth it…

Do You Gamble? How To Turn The Odds In Your Favor

Hempworx states that teams can allegedly earn commissions up to $1 million per month, as stated earlier. Again, that’s a huge claim and sounds awesome doesn’t it? What they don’t tell you is that you have to recruit a lot of distributors under you to make the money you need to fire your boss, if you have one. There’s a lot of direct selling involved and if you want to succeed, quite honestly, you need to have a competitive advantage.

If the thought of recruiting people sounds too involved and time-consuming, you might want to consider adding this small marketing tweak to your Hempworx business that will allow you to build your Hempworx business without having to chase family and friends and also add an extra layer of income to your efforts!

Start-up costs

Like I said, the $20 joining fee is not bad at all. But where Hempworx makes their money is from the Builder Packs that you have to purchase if you want to make commissions. These packs start at around $60 and go up to $600 at the time of this candid review. For some start-up costs at these prices are considered deal breakers.

I get that. Not everyone understands that any business requires an initial investment. But companies that use this simple, yet powerful marketing tweak will help you gain the competitive advantage getting started with your Hempworx business.

Is There Other HempWorx Alternatives?

Listen, Hempworx is not as bad as some MLMs online. I’m an actual affiliate of this company. I use and enjoy the products and love the benefits that I’ve experienced thus far, but growing the business can be an “uphill battle” if you don’t use this small marketing tweak..

Is Hempworx Legit or Not?

Hempworx is NOT a scam, Josh and Jenna have been around for years and I know and worked with Josh on other teams in the past, He’s the President and Founder of the company, but that doesn’t mean I’d recommend the business without the proper tools that’ll separate you from the competition.

Why? well, as with most MLMs, you have to recruit a lot of people in your downline if you want to make real money. There’s too much of an emphasis on direct selling and recruiting. But I must say again, as an affiliate, HempWorx is LEGIT. Video and lyrics belong to artist: MC Hammer – “Too Legit To Quit.”

Given the high prices of the products, it’s going to make it harder to sell. It’s easier to sell products at prices that people are accustomed to. So it may not be a great option for everyone. Although there obviously are small numbers of people that do well with this business model.

But I find that it’s easier to promote products if you can separate yourself from the pack. FortunatelyMy Marketing Tweak For Hempworx Recommendation can show you how to generate more leads and more sales in Hempworx like Amazon and others.

And the great thing about this marketing tweak is you can earn earn residual income even if a prospect decides to not join your Hempworx business. So you may want to consider this marketing option.

So, there you have it, my review of Hempworx as an actual affiliate. Please share your experiences or comments below.

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