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Remember when your boss was the only individual with the flex-time to work from home?

Crazy right? Flexible schedules for you, as a “worker-bee” in the traditional workforce just didn’t make a lot of sense. Plus, big-time residual income – and a huge one at that – was reserved for the “Heavy-hitters,” rockstars if you will, and television actors and entertainment pros who could count on a fat check coming from royalties from work done years ago.

Well now, all these things are more optional with the growing economy of “You,” a rapidly expanding global network of people who are taking the future of work into their own hands.

See, people in the economy of “You” are sharing resources and tech, taking those little gigs through job boards, creating free-lance opportunities and inventing new ways to generate multiple streams of income.

That’s right… Today’s workforce is no longer about pushing for longevity in a single work enviornment. Most of us, as employees don’t really need to fit into the corporate mold of ops that will last a lifetime. Nor do we need to stick with the field we may have studied in college or job title that we’ve worked under for years.

Nope, the economy of “You” has actually returned all the power of choice back to us if we choose to take full advantage of the business opportunities that are out there for us.

We should all appreciate and strive for a career that fits sweetly into out lives and help us achieve our goals. The economy of “You” can help all of us reach what we want by giving us the ability to use time leverage and acquire unlimited income.

We can all start designing our lives, making more time for the family and building professions based on our overall passions, you know what I mean?

Direct sales is the perfect “fit” for those of us who are looking for more time-freedom. Alot of people may say, “Well, I’m not a salesman or saleswoman” but at the end of the day, “sales” is the most lucrative profession in the World, bar none.

Direct sales has been called the business of the 21st Century because its affordable, you don’t need an office full of employees to manage, you can take advantage of tax write-offs, and earn unlimited income, and the list goes on and on.

If you plug into direct sales and brand you as a “product of the product” you could potentially build an empire without shelling out thousands of dollars required to start-up a traditional “brick & mortar” business.

You owe it to yourself. Make the decision to start a home-based business and surround yourself with the growing list of entreprenuers worldwide.


Jimmie “JL” Wilks
Online Marketer, Blogger, and Affiliate

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