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Let me ask you a question…have you ever had wild dreams of making it “Rain?” You know, “Rain Money” …Sure you have, just minus the slang.

Well, if you’d like to do this in real life, through the slick art of marketing online, then, my friend,  you are definetly in the right place. And guess what? I truly appreciate you stopping by!

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Let me kick this post in gear by highlighting a simple case study. Indeed, It’s all about cracking the online marketing code to start making it rain, if you will and get the money you deserve. We all want to get to this point and believe it or not, making a few minor adjustments in your online marketing approach can oftentimes produce this very outcome.

Don’t believe? Check this out, about 30 years ago, a marketer named Joe Karbo placed a full-page ad in newspapers throughout the U.S. marketing a book called the “Lazy Man’s Way to Riches.”

It was all self-published information and it sold for $10 bucks at the time and was 156 pages. Now, the word on the street during that time was that the first full-page ad used to test the sale and promote this book was recorded as a marketing disaster and complete flop. 

Could you imagine spending all of your #$%^& money on a full-page ad in the LA Times and getting zero orders! The average marketer would have probably threw up his hands and walked away. 

I’m assuming “drop-kicking” someone, out of frustration during that time, would’ve probably been too extreme….maybe. 

Well, Joe Karbo, didn’t do any of that. This cat was a master marketer and knew that his idea would work if he could simply crack the code. Well, guess what he did? He decided to risk re-running the ad unchanged, except for one number in the subtitle.

Instead of “How to earn $50,000 a year the lazy way,” he just changed it to read “How to make $20,000 a year the lazy way.” …this small ad tweak worked!

Orders for his books started falling from the sky…..

And this tweak produced one of the most classic marketing campaigns of all time.  In essence, Joe Karbo “Made it Rain.”

Brothers and sisters, Karbo made hundreds of thousand of dollars from his ads, year after year, like clockwork. You’re probably thinking to yourself, why did this one small change make such a big #$%^ difference in his marketing outcome?

It’s simple. Most folks can only “See” what they can believe.

Let me break this down further……think about it for a moment….

Back in the day, earning $5, 000 yearly was good money and considered an excellent salary.  Earning 10 times that amount – $50K annually – was such a huge amount of cash that it simply wasn’t believable.

This was the main reason no one responded. But when he lowered the amount to a more believable amount, suddenly everyone began to “See” it.

You see, the title you select, the words you use to sell your products, the benefits your information offers, and the way it’s packaged will cause this to happen.

And, once again….all it takes is one small tweak. Like the one below…

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