Our Economy Is In Irreversible Trouble, Are You Prepared?

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That’s right. JL here, and yes, I said it….It’s time to stop fooling around with your financial goals and get to work.

Real talk?…

The big money comes from making the big deals, “Power Moves,” if you will.

Sorry, If I seem to come off a bit hard in this post, but I simply want to get this important point across to you, as a reader.

But, before I do that, let me back up a second to clarify one thing before moving on…It’s not impossible making life-changing money working for a boss, because it happens all the time…

but the percentages are still low.

If you are “Hungry” enough, as Les Brown would say, you will and can make it a reality.

Les Brown

But I would like to also add that wealth and its definition means different things to different folks, right? Indeed…

Everybody doesn’t have the burning desire to emulate the financial status of a Warren Buffet, but would love to have a house on the hill that’s completely paid off, “Free and clear,” to be able to take a nice vacation or two annually, and have an emergency fund or access to cash to pass on to the kids, if applicable.

I guess, in that case, selling your time for money which you are actually doing as an employee, could make you wealthy if the demand for your services is there.

A lot of the professional career types, like doctors and prominent attorneys and even highly successful financial advisors live comfortable lives that a lot of us would love to have.

But at the end of the day, none of them fall in the super-rich category – not unless an inheritance fail in their laps, and/or they have another lucrative side hustle.

From what I’ve seen and read…you better start selling and buying if you want to get rich and reach millionaire status, If this is one of your aspirations.

Deals have to be made, point blank, if you want real money in your account. We all have to get better at mastering the “Art of the Deal,” if we are in search of life-changing “Cheddar!”

Take a look at the wealthy “Movers & Shakers” – none of them work as employees…they are out hustling and selling things.

I’m talking about software, computers, financial services, cars, CBD oils, and more.

Let me interject a quick note: Don’t quit your day job, just yet. Keep working as an employee, but keep this thought in the back of your mind…you will have to eventually leave, if you want to make your fortune.

Work out the exit strategy in your own head, but understand you have to start selling if you want to be placed in the millionaire status box.

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