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Hello Facebook Family! JL, back at you with more value, at least I’d like to think what I post is usually worth a d$%^…LOL, I sure hope so.

This will be a short post, but a very important one. Today, I attended a awesome business opportunity/cook out at a Top Earner’s home in Waldorf, MD today to network and learn more about the fastest growing CBD Business Opportunity in the industry.

BTW, this Top Earner is one on the area’s marketing leaders and today he really provided compelling value worth attending and learning more about the company. As an affiliate, that I can appreciate.

I’ve been around the block with businesses here and there, but I really see the potential from this business venture and more importantly, the way the products have changed lives, health-wise is a true “God-sent.” It certainly has helped me recover faster after work-outs and calmed me down during those hectic days we all experience from time-to-time..

Quite a few people were in attendance at the presentation. But like many of these presentations, some will see it as freedom and others will see it as adding more stress and strain to their already busy lives if they choose to pursue it.

At the end of the day, it’s their decision. The most important decision that we all have to make in our lives is to take control of our mindset, right or right?

We know the average gig is not going to get us to the “financial promise land”…the people you work for might make it. If you do get there the percentages are very small…I’m still cheering you on, regardless..

So, getting back to the decision making piece…choose wisely what you focus on and just keep in mind that whatever you focus or think about is what you’ll become. …

The late Earl Nightingale, captured this saying in the “Strangest Secret” …and it’s still true today.

Life, as we know it, is nothing more than a bunch of thoughts. If you think you should be a broke $%^&, so shall you because your thoughts have shaped your actions to produce underachievement.

Average thinking has never produced successful outcomes.

If you want more out of life, you must elevate your thinking. I work a full-time gig, retired from the military, and run businesses online because a “Rat with one hole is a dead rat.” It’s not easy and if it was, the outcomes probably wouldn’t be worth a d$%^&.

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