Access Mining Credit Funding – Here’s 6 Reasons Why

After a few monumental financial set-backs with a past cryptocurrency trading company that I’m affiliated with, not calling any names, I must say that I’m very impressed with this new company that I’ve done my due diligence in researching and currently taking for a cryto-trading test-drive.

This company is Mintage Mining who continues to build its momentum, with recent results yielding one of its highest payouts yet!

Not sure if you’ve heard of this company, but I would certainly recommend you take a serious look at it and its plaform. They even offer online financing to take this growth vehicle to the next level. But as with anything else, you should only offer up only what you can afford to lose.

So, with that being said, look no further than

What is

Mining Credit, powered by Fundwise Capital, offers unsecured, 0% financing for members who want to increase their purchase power through Mintage Mining.

Low rates and consistent payouts make Mining Credit a great option for people with all budgets, as a way to increase their mining potential.

If you’re wondering how a loan could benefit you, here are our top 6 reasons to consider funding through Mining Credit.


1 – A Smarter Alternative to Cryptocurrency – Mintage deals with mining rather than other, more volatile outlets in cryptocurrency. Since mining involves more consistent payouts than large surges and drops in value, many consider mining a much smarter alternative to cryptocurrency, and a great place to put your money.

2 – Easy to Qualify –  Applying for Mining Credit funding is easy, and risk-free. With loans available with a credit score of 680 or higher, Mining Credit lets users get pre-approved for free, with no ding to your credit score. You can apply to see what you qualify for before making your decision to move forward.

 3 – Loans are Unsecured – While many loans require collateral, Mining Credit funding is completely unsecured, meaning there is no collateral required in return. You can move forward with confidence knowing that your personal assets are not at risk.

4 – 0% Interest Rate for 12 Months – Perhaps one of the greatest perks of a Mining Credit loan is that it accrues no interest for at least 12 months. This gives you one full year to mine and pays back your loan before any interest is charged.

If you play it right with Mintage Mining, you could pay off your loan in your first 12 months, giving you two more years to mine from a three-year Mintage Mining contract!

5 – Accelerated Results –  The idea behind Mintage Mining is that the more units you purchase at the beginning, the faster your units will grow as you repurchase.

A $500 purchase will not grow nearly as quickly as a much higher purchase of $10,000 or even $50,000. Large purchases plus consistent payouts are what allow you to pay off your loan quickly, and amplify your earning for the remainder of your mining contract.

6 – A Bridge to the Life You Want – While many shy away from loans or special financing, it is important to consider that nearly every large purchase or business venture could not take place without financing. If you would be willing to take out a loan for a new car, why not take out a loan for something that could amplify your future?

While loans may seem intimidating at the onset, they could be seen as a bridge to your final destination. Mining Credit can bridge the gap to the life you want by supplying funds to boost your earning potential.

Receiving funding for a mining may not be as difficult as you think. Apply for free at to see if you qualify, and find what works for you.
Let funding from Mining Credit be the bridge to meet your goals with Mintage Mining.

Want to learn more about Mining Credit and special financing for Mintage Members? Click here for details and how you can apply. To join me on this crypto journey, click the banner below. Let’s do this together!

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