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Listen, I’ve been there. Yep, with the last company I was affiliated with, in the cryptocurrency space, I felt embarrassed as “Hell” which even left me depressed and ashamed even though it was the company’s fault for the failure, not mine.  

Brothers and Sisters in the MLM industry, I was earning between $350 – $500 daily and I helped others get paid with life-changing money, but unfortunately it didn’t last. Some never even got the chance to spend any of the cash earned because they kept recycling their returns back through the program to earn even more.

Well, you can understand why one would be embarrassed or even mortified to approach his or her warm market with another business opportunity, especially family and close friends. Heck, it’s a legitimate concern, but I’ve found that it’s not a serious enough justification to simply quit pursuing Network Marketing.

In fact, if you or anyone you know have been involved in several network marketing companies, they’ve actually  been “Blessed” with one of the best approaches in the industry, they just don’t know it.

Check this out. Here’s what I’ve learned from some of the top experts in the network marketing industry over the years and you can also use the example below when approaching your warm market prospects starting today: 

“Hey, listen Marcus, I think you know by now that I’ve been doing a great deal of research on the network marketing industry, studying it very carefully, in fact, in an effort to gain more knowledge, over the last few months I’ve joined a few different companies in order to learn from different experts in the field. Well, I’m glad to tell you that all my research has paid off.

I’ve been able to learn enough about this particular industry to pick a stable business that allows people like you and me to earn $1,000’s monthly in the shortest amount of time possible.

Yes, I’ve spent a great deal of money, time, and energy doing my research and now I’m crazy excited to a point that I’m losing sleep nightly. I really need to see you ASAP to find out if you’re interested in earning this type of money.” 

You see, at the end of the day, you must avoid portraying your past business dealings or your new business partner’s past involvements as some sort of liability, turn it into an asset that works for all!

Listen, if this is your current situation, take time to deploy this strategy when approaching your warm market. It’s tough building a business, but if you quit because of a few “Bumps” in the road then you may not be cut out pursuing entrepreneurship.

Just keeping it real, like always.  

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