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What’s good, my people? Did the title get your attention? Good….I hoped so.   I know you’ve probably heard and even read these old sayings before…”If I could just hit the lotto, then all my problems would just go away.”

What about this one…”Man, if I just made more money all the inner pain and strife in my life I’d simply wash away!”

Wash away…..OK….. 

Real talk, may be it will, and maybe it won’t. I’m a realist and may be so are you. I hope so. 

Check this out. 

Having a boat load of money, greenbacks, or whatever you want to call it won’t make all your issues go as smooth as you’d think.

Think about it. 

It won’t protect you from disease – sure, you’d have better access to medical and healthcare after the event, but it won’t protect you. Nope.

Having a few extraordinary greenbacks might buy you a better diet plan, but you know just like I know there is a large majority of the wealthy with extremely poor health records despite having the ability to “Make it rain,” if you will.

So, with that being said, these folks have the incomes to feed themselves very well, so this doesn’t truly go hand in hand, you know what I mean? 

Here’s the real deal. The more you see money as a solution, there’s a greater chance that you are seriously missing the point all together.

LOL, money doesn’t do anything.

Yep, I know what you’re thinking, “Shut the Hell up, Wilks!” “If I had about $200K or more, I could fix this problem in my life.”

Well, I won’t sit up on this post and lie, I’ll take the $200K, “Thank you,” but I still feel strongly that you’ll also find that having more money would also toss up a lot more problems in obtaining it.

You see, for me, I see a need for focus. and really putting the acquiring of more cash in its proper perspective, that’s all.

Money won’t make you happier, thinner or even more popular with decent folk. It really doesn’t deliver lasting, meaningful peace of mind.

Here’s why…

There’s plenty of wealthy, overweight, unhappy folk with no real friends.

That’s real talk.

One of the most rewarding acts that I’ve discovered over the years is that we, as a people, need to search out the cure to our problems with great focus and taking personal responsibility first and then find a way of funding that cure.

What do you think? I agree or disagree? I don’t have all the answers, but we can discuss this like adults.

Money isn’t, and never will be, the cure. Sure, it’s the WD-40 that gets rid of the squeaks, but it ain’t the engine. 

Far from it.  

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