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Now, first and foremost, the information, as well as, the original title for this blog post was written by Michael LeBoeuf. So, with that being said, I take no credit for what you are about to read now. Mr. LeBoeuf is a business writer, lecturer, and consultant. As an avid reader of several business journals, books and articles, I purchased one of his latest books called “The Perfect Business” and found it packed with value-added and exceptionally well-written information that really expanded my understanding in approaching the right business opportunities that fits ones passion and personality.

And I want to share it with you. 

Multiply Yourself with Smart Tools highlights chapter nine in Mr. LeBoeuf’s, “The Perfect Business” and starts off with a quote from Bits & Pieces Magazine. 

“Technology is like a steamroller. If you’re not on the steamroller, then you are destined to become part of the road.”

So, let’s get into the story….  A Japanese man and a Texan were passing through customs at an airport. The Japanese man had two large suitcases, and the Texan was helping him move them toward the customs officer when the Japanese man’s wristwatch started to beep.

He listened to the message and talked through a miniature speaker on the telephone in the watch. The Texan was amazed and offered the man $5,000 for his watch. “The watch is not for sale,” he replied.

The Texan continued to help the Japanese man push his heavy bags forward, and a few seconds later the watch beeped again. This time the man opened the watch to receive an E-mail message on a small screen and used the small computer contained in the watch to reply to the message. 

The Texan watched in awe and offered him $25,000 for the watch. Again he was told, “The watch is not for sale.”

And again the Texan helped push the erroneous bags forward. The watch beeped a third time, and this time a long fax came out. The Texan, determined to have the watch, upped his offer to $300,000.

The Japanese man asked if he had the money, and the Texan wrote him a check on the spot. 

The Japanese man processed the check on his watch and transferred the money into his Swiss bank account. He took off the watch, handed it to the Texan, and walked away. 

“Wait!” the Texan called out, “You’re forgetting your bags.” “Those aren’t my bags,” the Japanese man shouted back. “They’re the batteries for the watch!”

Oh, the joy of the information age. Modern communication’s technology, more than anything else, is what’s enabling so many of us to make our fortunes working at home or anywhere else we want.

Computers, cell phones. voice mail, fax machines, beepers, telecommunication, and all the wonderful tools of the information age have enabled us to transcend time and space.

As a young actress Anna Paquin remarks in a poplar long-distance-telephone company commercial, “There is no there. We are all here.” 

Author: Michael LeBoeuf

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