Our Economy Is In Irreversible Trouble, Are You Prepared?

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Let me tell you what this post is all about. This particular post is about education, pure & simple, especially If you’re a Network Marketer.

See, truth be told, some of you working to build a future in the Network Marketing space still find it somewhat difficult to approach others to talk about your business venture(s) that you’ve signed up for that will potentially change your life.

The question is why? You either believe in what you’re doing or you don’t but, just to be clear whatever business you’re into, you must have a personal testimonial to offer upfront.

Your “Why” if you will…personal results, experiences etc…

Don’t Worry About What Other’s Think

Worrying about what others may think shouldn’t be an option. You decided to join a Network Marketing business because you either love the way the products or services make you feel or the financial results you are experiencing is too good to keep to yourself.

I get that…Just keep in mind that there are a lot of people in need of money and depending on one income stream is doing nothing but digging them a deeper financial hole.

I’ve always said that a “Rat with one hole is a dead rat.” … Financial diversity is key.

Heck, take a look around. There is a big dark cloud hovering over the so-called American dream, and it’s not getting any lighter. The gap between what most folks have in life and what they need is expanding.

And guess what? Because of this, everyone is a hot prospect for business ownership, either yours or someone else’s. Look at the disturbing figures of homeowners defaulting on their mortgages. Over 40 million+ Americans are living without health insurance and thousands pass every year because of it.

Social Security Benefits….”Say What!”

And let’s not talk about Social Security benefits. ..If it’s still around for some of us, depending soley on it will relegate you to damn-near poverty status if other retirement financial vehicles are lacking. You could also find yourself struggling in the future even if you’re able to put away a few bucks toward retirement.

If you invested $500,000 at 5% this would yield you around $25,000 a year before IRS comes a knocking…so, what you’ll eventually be walking away with what’s left is a very modest living expense and it better not be in the Washington, DC Metro area, I can tell you that!

A million dollars on top of a mortgage-free home is closer to the mark when you factor in escalating living expenses and that is real talk.

Just wanted to point out this note: need isn’t the only angle to consider. There’s a lot of greedy SOB’s out there. Don’t need to tell you how materialism drives some people, right?

Materialism and Shiny Objects

Materialism is running rampant in our society faster than Usain Bolt could run the 100-yard dash. Yep, you have a lot of marketers on and off-line who try to tempt us with an endless flow of stuff and things, and we fall for the #$%^ like a “ton of bricks!”

Indeed, we want it all…We see “Ballers” on YouTube, TV, and commercials flashing cash and talking #$%^. Let me tell you this….even people who appear to be stacking major “Chips” may need money more than appearances suggest.

Listen, we all have seen the huge houses, fresh cars, golf club memberships, etc., but here’s the real deal…all this could be stressors to someone who has run up a Hell of a lot of Debt… Fool’s gold is every where.

What I really dig about this is the silver lining…. It’s your business opportunity! Most folks could change their financial situation dramatically with a small home-based business to supplement their household income.

So, how do you find or approach potential prospects who need money? From my experience, It’s all about exposing poverty gaps. See, no one is going to the doctor unless they are suffering from a level of discomfort, correct?

If you can get your prospects to think about what they don’t have, or what they could have with extra cash on-hand, you have a good chance of recruiting them. I’ve learned that our fear of loss is greater than our desire for gain.

People have fears of never owning their own home, not having enough retirement funds to live off, even having less than their friends or neighbors, can all ignite folks to think seriously about business ownership.

Why Peeps Need Cash

The # 1 reason folks start a business is to earn extra cash for their wallets. If you want them to sign with you, find out what’s missing in their lives and offer away to provide it.

Network marketing is the perfect vehcle to earn funds for college or retirement, pay for expensive wants, or reduce a mountain of debt. If you could help someone earn an extra $500 a month could change a life. You just need to know your audience and ask the right questions.

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