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Yep. Sometimes you just need to be told to “Shut up!” But, before I dive into this post and attempt to try to explain and defend it, please allow me to frame the overall intent of this post on focusing on the Middle Class vs. Millionaires.

Let me take this a bit further…I’m simply referring to different levels of mindsets, maybe you’ll agree or you may not?

A lot of you won’t agree with and I get it.

So, here’s a question for you. Do you think the Middle Class and/or very poor people are poor financially because they may be poor emotionally?

Now, just to be clear, I know a few rich people that climbed to the top of the wealth pile by stepping all over the backs of others.

That’s reality, indeed folks can and will forever be ruthless. It’s an evenly distributed M.O., but that another story.

But, on the flip-side, there is a large majority of rich people who couldn’t have made it to the mountaintop of wealth and prosperity without building relationships.

I mean good ones.

Hell, if all you did is spend most of your time going in negatively talking about other people, it’ll cost you.

I mean emotionally and most, importantly financially. Some may say while reading this post, “Wilks,” I could care less.

I would say to these folks, “Do you.” At the end of the day, talking about people behind their backs is B.S. and shows a serious level of immaturity.

I would say a great deal of millionaires respect people. for the most part.

They’ll give folk the benefit of the doubt and realize that people are simply doing the best that they know how to do.

Hey, there’s no shortage of finding something someone is doing that we, as a people, don’t like or approve of.

But, how hard would it be to look for what folks are doing right and simply compliment them on it.

This is a very easy drill…

See, a lot of millionaires compliment other people. Not all of them, but a majority does. I know this from personal experience.

They understand the wisdom behind making people feel important, if only for a little while.

And for the record, this post isn’t written to “stroke” the egos of the wealthy. But, whether rich or poor, tearing someone else down is not cool. Besides, it puts you into a very negative space, in terms of attitude and oftentimes tarp you there.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been talked to and treated badly by some broke-a$%^ ungrateful individuals.

Don’t know why, I consider myself a very nice guy and I work hard to maintain a positive and sunny disposition even when I feel partly cloudy deep inside sometimes.

But, hey…here’s the deal. I realize that trying to tell people to stop criticizing other people and start complimenting more can become a full-time job.

Negativity is powerful…I get it.

But we all know this…people love to be praised. If you learn to praise people you’ll find that people will do whatever they can to help you. Now, to be clear, I’m referring to those who get it.

Not everyone will, so let’s keep it realistic.

Here’s what I’ve learned.millionaires do talk about things and people, but not in the same way the middle class or poor people does.

Some millionaires talk about the great idea someone had or they may talk about people who created wealth from an ideal and discuss what they can learn from them.

Typically, you don’t get this from people who possess a “Crab Mentality.”


When millionaires talk about things and other folks, it always seems to break down to ideals. Why do they do this? The answer is simple. Millionaires understand that it takes ideals to make money.

Most middle class thinks that you most have money to make money. But, that’s certainly not true from what I’ve learned from some of my millionaire buddies. They understand that the right idea will ultimately attract the money they need.

You see, ideals are the most valuable asset in the world.

People who come up with great ideals end up with deep pockets in the end.

Everything you see started with a great ideal deep in someone’s mind. Real talk, if you want to become wealthy, then spend more time thinking about new ideals. Word to the wise, when you get an ideal, discuss it with people who are successful.

Never tell anyone about an ideal that you have who is unsuccessful unless you want to dine at the table of discouragement. 

Millionaires talk about ideas with other millionaires. They don’t waste time discussing ideas with folk with limited mentalities.

Money means power, but ideals are even more powerful.

I think you know where I’m going with this.

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