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Alright, good people, it’s your man, “JL” back on the blog scene, and yes, its been a while since I posted a blog article. I hope that this info finds you and your family well if you’ve taken the time out of your busy schedule to chill with me and read what I have to pass on to you. Hopefully, you find value in my words and if you do, please “Like and Share” this info, I’d really appreciate it!

So, with that being said, let’s get this party started!

In this post, I want to offer up to you the following three big mistakes a lot of online marketers make, me included, when taking time to select what products or services to offer. Please try to avoid these mistakes whenever possible. 

  1. Chasing Opportunity Instead Of Passion:

Real-talk, without passion behind your decision-making process, what do you have? You need it. You need a level of excitement to get you through the tough and turbulent times. Take time to identify and lay-out your true interest first, then see if you can really build something special, in terms of a business around them. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about, if you have a passion for cooking, write an e-Book on healthy or comfort food treats or how cooking with certain ingredients can help toward weight loss. 

     2. Trying To Develop Products Without Locating Your Key Audience: 

Yes, here you are sitting at home with a product, but you may not have an audience or should I say, “Defined Audience” to offer it to. This happens to the best of us who have dipped our toes in the pool of the online marketing game. You have an interest, but you may be the only one. It happens…this is a part of the journey, “Trial and Error.”

If you are building a business online around a product or service that no one wants, needs, or actively in search of, you may be in big trouble.  So while you should jump start a business leading with passion, your homework as a first priority, should be to always make sure others share it.

     3.  Expecting And Asking For Sales Out The Starting Gate:

LOL, “Do you kiss on the first date?” Well, if you are smooth enough, maybe…but remember, you might get “slapped” trying to kiss the lips of marketing from a sales perspective out the starting gate! It’s all about relationship building. It’s a process, not a transaction. I see this error in many social media settings all the time.

Some online marketers with the “Microwave Mentality” may not appreciate what I’m about to say next because they want the quick money and expect a purchase on the first visit. WRONG…It can take months, even years, to develop and truth be told, successful marketing from initial launch to profit is a lot like dating.

Check this out: You’ve just met a nice man or woman who has approached you and asked you out on a date. Well, if you like this person and seem fairly interested, you gladly say yes, and off you go to a nice movie enjoying all the popcorn and soda you can consume. As you enter the movie to sit down with your date to watch the pre-movie highlights and credits before the feature film, you look into your date’s eye and find yourself overjoyed that you accepted the invite.

However, just as the highlights starts to wrap up, your date leans over and says, “Will you marry me? Well, if you are like most rational people, popcorn probably flys all over the place and you scream “WTH?” then get up and run like HELL out of the movie theater in the opposite direction!

Yes, it may sound “Off the Wall,” but it’s the same reaction many online consumers have when they’re asked to buy on their first web site visit or join a business venture! It takes time, effort, and commitment to build trust, rapport, and lasting friendships.

Listen, there is always an exception to the rule, but realistically, just be prepared to take prospects on a few positive “Dates” before inviting them to purchase from you.

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