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Once again, it’s your “Vet on the Net”, JW, just reaching out to you to touch base on the mis-represented subject of web traffic generation.

I’m sure you’ve read a few things on the so-called secrets of pulling web traffic out of thin air…you know, most polls reveal that this is one of the top issues or concerns stumping the average online marketer.

Is this yours?..

I can understand it if it is, but to tell the truth, it’s not as difficult to achieve a level of web traffic generation and I’d like to caution you on falling for those so-called “Gurus” who claim to have the secret formula to produce thousands of hungry and eager subscribers madly waiting to opt-in to your squeeze or capture page to consume what you’re “cooking up” in terms of products and services….

It’s B.S., literally…

Now, don’t get me wrong. You must work to generate traffic and you must have a plan. But here’s the deal. The most important thing to realize is that traffic comes down to either time or money.

If you don’t have either one, you maybe in the wrong  business. I’m simply keeping this discussion as real as possible. It requires work or dollars..

So, to be clear – you can generate traffic by paying for it, or you can generate traffic by putting in the time writing blog post, like this one or articles, submitting press releases, optimizing your web site for natural search-engine results, etc.

This approach is commonly referred to as being content-focused.

So, where does this info take us? Notice the absence of B.S.? I hope you did…

All traffic generation methods fall into three tight categories of required action:

  •  Buy the traffic
  •  Attract the traffic
  • Take the traffic or steal it

You can buy traffic using Facebook ads, ezine advertising, classified advertising, twitter, or solo ads, etc.  Attracting traffic is simply a matter of generating content.

The power of the offer.. you must touch on the pain or pleasure principle...

Some of the methods used to do this include writing articles, submitting press releases, participating in forums and groups, and using viral reports and videos (Web 2.0).

Now, stealing traffic is not what it sounds like. What I mean here is simply leveraging the traffic that other site owners have generated. Some of you have posted comments on blogs considered high-traffic to get links back to your own site. We’ve all done this.

Well, for me guilty as charged.

You can also do joint ventures with other list owners to grab a share of the action from their subscribers. Heck, you can even offer up your own products and reports to other marketers to give away as bonuses on their big product launches.

You see, it’s all about finding creative, but ethical ways to capitalize on other folks resources.  Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind on a very serious note. Most of all, you’ll want to focus on mastering one method at a time.

Yep. Pick just one of the tactics and get started on it today. Pay very close attention to the results. Secondly, pay close attention to your conversion rate.  In other words, know how many folks (coming from a certain traffic source) become customers or subscribers?

Here’s the standard formula for figuring out your conversion rates.

X sales out of 100 visitors, or X actions taken per 100 visitors. For example, if you make five sales sales out of every 100 visitors to your site, then you are talking a 5% conversion rate.

So, five new subscribers to your list out of every 100 visitors means you’ve got a 5% percent opt-in rate going on.

On that note, the lion’s share of your efforts should be geared toward getting as many subscribers onto your opt-in list as possible.  Subscribers will be your number-one source of repeat sales and traffic.

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