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OK. Here’s the deal…

According To Federal Self-Employment Stats..

According to recent federal self-employment stats nearly 27 million Americans have started leaving full-time jobs starting as far back as 2017 up to 2020, bringing the total number of self-employed individuals to 42 million in the U.S. alone.

This stat, if you think about it, offers a “boatload” of opportunity for a business builder that’s “Hungry” as Les Brown would say. See, we all know that privately-owned businesses are the backbone of our U.S. economy.

But, did you know that half of all small businesses are home-based, just like the one you’re currently involved with..


Take a look at the number of nail spas, flower shops, gyms, home service providers, day care centers, and niche retailers in the “DMV” or where ever you live.

These guys are “working it” but there’s also a downside….ready? ….

Mislead By Overhead…

Many of these business owners are locked into hard-core lease aggreements for the long-term, huge loan payments, compliance cost that keeps growing like “Jack in the Beanstalk,” and staffing issues.

Working long AS$% hours becomes the norm and a great deal of their profits, oftentimes ends up going straight to the lenders pockets as well as the landlords…

I recently read a piece published by the Small Business Administration that less than half of all privately-owned businesses live to enjoy their fourth year in business… real talk, that’s heart breaking to me…

That’s also a lot of broken dreams and aspirations. ..but it most certainly doesn’t have to be that way.

Finding the Right Home-Based Business Opportunity..

With the right vehicle that aligns with your passions, it can become an opportunity to own your home-based business without taking on the burden of going at it all alone.

The start-up cost is 98%+ cheaper than a “Brick & Mortar” business and very little to actually run. As far as upfront capital investment, you don’t have to worry about that either. For some, you may have to invest in starter kits or inventory but at least your worries about capital and having to borrow to get started are over.

Listen the numbers are already there to take full advantage of…over 15 million en·tre·pre·neurs are involved in network marketing and it keeps growing!

You just need a “Why” and the “Will.”…Brick and mortar don’t make businesses, people do. If they want to see a %^&* building for reassurance send them pics of the corporate home office. …

Warren Buffet, one of the World’s richest men, and Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Enterprises both own network marketing companies.

Use and rely on your own experiences as your best recruiting tools…I don’t know about you but not having to worry about a business plan, carrying inventory, or dealing with a bank loan or staff is pretty cool.

Network marketing is a no-risk opportunity to own a business that has low or no overhead and a high return if you believe in it, its products and services, and willing to put in the work.

Remember every business owner is a prospect. The long hours, low returns, defaulting clients, and late payments is no joke. Get rid of the fear and seek them out, and invite them to take a look at your incredible low-risk, high-reward business opportunity.

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